I'm Noah Allen, a software engineer who learns quickly, programs skillfully, and loves building products that matter. I enjoy the challenge of coding, but I also appreciate how thoughtful software design can help us live better lives.

Designing software in a way that helps people is an important challenge. If a product is designed poorly, users become frustrated. But if it is designed well, people are delighted to use it.

My work has taught me that this neverending focus on user experience is the core of creating a successful product.

I've picked up a few other skills along the way as well. In fact, I'm a software engineer...


  • Has worked over a year as a CTO, learning a lot about teamwork and prioritization, and has been the lead developer for a complex, cross-platform geolocation app.
  • Has worked with many programming languages and technologies.
  • Will soon receive an in-depth computer science degree.
  • Has served in leadership positions for several student groups, including the student government association.
  • Enjoys playing the piano, reading books, and drinking copious amounts of coffee in my free time.

If you are interested in my experience, I would love to get in touch!


Zonder is a cross-platfrom app which uses geolocation to award users for visiting real-world locations.

As CTO, I lead a small team to develop the app from concept to app store.

I also implemented Zonder's development infrastructure, including Continuous Integration & Delivery, Git Workflows, and various other backend services like Firebase and Radar.io.

Additionally, I designed and built a web app in React to allow other teammates to manage game content, users, and other dynamic features of Zonder.

Languages and Technologies

Throughout my career, I've been able to work with several languages. Though I'm not fluent in all, I can easily learn new languages and pick up less familiar ones very quickly.

I have experience with the following languages and technologies:


I attended Grove City College from August 2015 through May 2019.

In May 2019, I'll get my B.S. in Computer Science with a GPA of 3.3.

I received the trustee scholarship, and was on the deans list multiple times for academic achievement.

I enjoy playing the piano, so I have been able to share my talents with many on-campus groups and at several events.


I've served several groups the past few years. Notably, I was an english tutor at a summer camp in Romania!

I am also the senior senator for communications and marketing on GCC's Student Government, I was the president of the Roundtable Sophomore Service Honorary, and I was the secretary of GCC Allies for Gender and Sexuality Inclusion.

About Me

Outside of tech, I love playing the piano, drinking a ton of coffee, and reading great books! My favorite color is blue, and I enjoy a good breakfast sandwich.

The best book I read this year was "Algorithms To Live By", which detailed how we can use many CS principles in our decisions every day.

My biggest passion outside of technology is piano, which I have played seriously since 2007. I enjoy performing with friends and groups of people, and have been able to share my skills on a regular basis for campus chapel and local churches.